Bangladesh emerged from its war of independence desperately poor and over populated, and reeling from overwhelming war damage to its institutional and physical capital. The country was ravaged by acute food shortages and famines during the early years of its independence. Its income per head was among the lowest in the world along with dismally low levels of various social development indicators. According to some authors, Bangladesh was designated as a ‘test case’ for development while Henry Kissinger called it ‘an international basket case’.

More than 40 years later, those doubts have largely been proven wrong. With sustained growth in food production and a good record of disaster management, famines have become a phenomenon of the past in the country. Bangladesh’s per capita GDP has more than doubled since 1975. Life expectancy has risen from 50 to 63 years, population growth rates of 3 per cent a year have been halved, child mortality rates of 240 per 1,000 births have been cut by 70 per cent, literacy has more than doubled, and remarkable progress has been made in providing universal basic education. We, Lead Logistics Ltd. are proud be a part of our national growth.